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A considerable amount of work has been done on Jules Verne's Mathias Sandorf by the website workers. Go to

Once there, navigate to: novels and novelets and click on the Mathias Sandorf link.

There is a lot of excellent information on this page.

Once there, for a superb synopsis, click on Synopsis.


Mr. Davor Sisovic from Pazin, Croatia also maintains an extensive Mathias Sandorf website.

Go to:


Ed Brumgnach at Queensborough Community College


There are hundreds of web sites on Jules Verne.

Some of these offer books that are now in the public domain that can be read on-line.

Here are some links. Have fun!

Jules Verne

North American Jules Verne Society

Jules Verne Virtual Library

Free public domain e-books

The secret adventures of Jules Verne Fan Network

The French Portal on Jules Verne

Wikipedia on Jules Verne

The Jules Verne free on-line library

Andrew Nash’s Jules Verne website

The complete Jules Verne biography

Electronic books on-line

Jules Verne books on-line

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